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Elevate to the
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We understand what students are up against globally, so we help develop each basketballer’s skill sets and athleticism beyond what a club coach can teach.

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Foundational movements are key before delving into complex movement patterns.

Foundational movements include:

- balance and stability
- core activation
- tumbling
- safe running
- jumping
- landing techniques.







We Understand How to Manage the Student Athlete

Our aspiring athletes put their bodies through a lot of strain both mentally and physically.

When is the optimal time we should push our athletes to train at high demands, and when do we need to back off and lower their training volumes?

The answer is, each athlete grows and learns at a different pace.

Our programs are specifically designed to meet the athlete’s stage of learning and abilities.

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Meet the DREAM TEAM!

Our team are the highest regarded professionals in their fields, who are passionate and excited to share their knowledge with students.

Kareem Drayton

Certified Skills Trainer / Program Director

Kareem has built a a basketball program built around the advanced teaching as offered with NBA superstars and NCAA college players. Teaching all players of the game, Kareem is passionate about upskilling players with a variety of skills from shooting, footwork, IQ, defense, to ball handling. 

Matt Majka

Excercise Physiologist / Plyometrics Director

Matt is a movement specialist with 10 years experience. He has designed a unique plyometrics program that incorporates strength and conditioning aspects to improve explosive muscular power. His training system focuses on fast, powerful movements to improve functions of the nervous and muscular system. 

J.D. Nelson

Communications and Marketing Director

J.D. has specialised in Brand Management, Communications and Public Relations within the past 20 years within the Fashion and Lifestyle industries and state government. At Hoop Science, she translates our marketing goals into strategic brand concepts and messages.

Tabetha Majka

Operations Director / Personal Trainer

Tabetha is an an energetic, innovative practitioner with a background in Remedial Massage and Personal Training. She has in depth experience in operations and business administration and oversees the provision of service delivery, efficiency, education and research.


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About us

Hoop Science is an athletic academy built on the advanced training used in the NBA, combining exercise science and skill enhancement to help students transform into elite athletes.

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